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Now Hiring: Inventory Manager

A Good Life Starts With A Good Company

Welcome to Northwest Corp., a company dedicated to prioritizing its people and fostering a culture centered around safety, education, and continuous growth opportunities. At Northwest Corp., we believe in breaking down barriers – no experience? No problem. We offer comprehensive training and certifications for all positions, ensuring every team member has the tools to succeed.

With an impressive track record spanning over 30 years, Northwest Corp. stands as a leader in managing a wide array of commercial and residential construction projects. Our commitment to our employees is unwavering, and we take pride in cultivating a positive and inclusive workplace environment. When you join the Northwest Corp. Family, you're not just an employee; you are a valued member integral to our success.

Say goodbye to seasonal layoffs and hello to industry-leading pay, full benefits, paid time off, overtime pay plus double time and a half, annual bonuses, and a plethora of additional perks. At Northwest Corp., we recognize and reward your dedication. Elevate your career with us and experience the difference of being part of a team where you truly matter.

Inventory Manager Job Description: 

Elevate your career with Northwest Corp., a premier crane and rigging and concrete cutting company boasting over 30 years of excellence in both commercial and residential projects. We are seeking a detail-oriented Inventory Manager to oversee and optimize our inventory processes, ensuring seamless operations and supporting the success of our projects. Overseeing inventory operations, ensuring that each job is set up for success with safe and efficient execution of each project.

At Northwest Corp., we invest in our team's success. Enjoy industry-leading compensation, 100% coverage for medical and dental insurance, a 401K with a generous company match, and ample opportunities for professional growth. Plus, our commitment to excellence is recognized with performance bonuses. Join us at Northwest Corp., where your skills are valued and your career is set for success.

Preferred Job Qualifications: 

  • Valid & Current Drivers License 

  • Previous experience as an Inventory Manager in construction-related industries, with knowledge of concrete cutting, demolition, and crane and rigging materials.

  • Knowledge of Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Inventory Control.

  • Ability to work well in a team or independent setting 

  • Ability to interpret project specifications

  • Attention to detail and precision in work 

  • Commitment to maintaining a safe work environment

  • Proficiency in inventory management software's, coding, and tracking.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills for effective decision making. 

  • Ability to analyze data trends and recommend process improvements

  • Excellent communication skills to coordinate with internal teams, vendors, and management.

  • Proven leadership skills to manage a team of inventory personnel effectively. 


Job Responsibilities: 

  1. Implement and maintain efficient inventory management systems for multiple service areas – concrete cutting, demolition, and crane and rigging.

  2. Monitor and manage inventory levels to prevent stockouts and overstock situations. 

  3. Conduct regular audits to reconcile physical inventory with system records.

  4. Collaborate with procurement teams to ensure timely and cost-effective acquisition of materials and equipment. 

  5. Oversee the organization and layout of warehouse spaces for optimal storage and accessibility.

  6. Implement best practices for the safe handling, storage, and transportation of materials and equipment.

  7. Utilize inventory management software to track and update inventory records.

  8. Generate regular reports on inventory levels, usage, and discrepancies.

  9. Provide insights and analysis to management for informed decision-making.

  10. Ensure timely delivery of materials to project sites, minimizing delays.

  11. Stay informed about industry regulations and standards related to inventory management.

  12. Ensure compliance with safety regulations and company policies.


Benefits + Compensation: 

  • Industry Leading Pay 

  • $50 Per Day Per Diem (2 Way Travel, Hotel/Lodging Paid For By Company) 

  • Full Employee Health, Dental and Vision Insurance 

  • Accident + Supplemental Insurance

  • 401K W/ 3% Match 

  • Gym Membership Reimbursement 

  • Double Time On Saturdays, Sundays, & Holidays 

  • Over Time Pay 

  • No Layoffs 

  • Paid Training 

  • Paid Time Off 

  • Paid Holidays 

  • Employee Referral Program

  • Yearly Bonuses + Raises 

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